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Airports in Andalucia, Spain



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Airports in Andalucia

Aeropuerto Internacional Pablo Ruiz Picasso
Municipality: : Málaga
Ave. Comandante García Morato, s/n, 29004 Málaga, Spain
Telephone: 952048484 952048838
Fax: 952048777
Information: 952048804
Telephone for domestic reservations: 902400500
Telephone for international reservations: 902400500

Aeropuerto Internacional de Sevilla
Municipality: : Sevilla
Address: Rd. Nal. IV Madrid-Cádiz km 532, 41020 Sevilla
Telephone: 954449000
Fax: 954449025
Telephone for domestic reservations: 954672981
Telephone for international reservations: 954672981

Aeropuerto de Almería
Municipality: : Almería
Address: Rd. de Níjar, s/n, 04007 Almería
Telephone: 950213700 950213709
Fax: 950213858

Aeropuerto de Córdoba
Municipality: : Córdoba
Address: Rd. Aeropuerto km. 5,8, 14005 Córdoba
Telephone: 957214100
Fax: 957214143
Information: 957214100

Aeropuerto de Granada
Municipality: : Granada
Address: Rd. de Málaga, s/n, 18015 Granada
Telephone: 958245200
Fax: 958245207
Information: 958245223

Aeropuerto de La Parra
Municipality: : Jerez de la Frontera:
Address: Rd. Nacional IV, km. 7, 11407 Cádiz
Telephone: 956150000
Fax: 956150061
Information: 956150083