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Removals / Removal Companies in Spain


So you have decided to make the big move, you have either bought a place in Spain or have found a place to rent. The next major move will be to get all your furniture and belongings brought down with you as well.

Since quite a substantial amount of people especially from Europe (Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Poland, Rumania to mention a few) have emigrated from their colder countries to enjoy the welcoming charms of Spain, it is becoming increasingly easier and hassle free to get your belongings from e.g. the UK to Spain. Many removal companies even have a scheduled weekly trip going back and forth, so you shouldn’t have to wait for long to get your things on a truck heading south.

Sometimes your housing plans might not work out quite as planned and finding storage could be essential whilst working out where you are going to stay. Luckily this is getting easier in Spain, and some removal companies also offer to store your belongings for a time, although we would always advice to shop around a bit to make sure you get a good deal. Read our guide on storage here.

Remember to check if your chosen removal company has insurance or if you need to purchase this separately. International moving companies should be willing to give you a quote, and most of them will also be able to sell, lend or freely give your packaging such as crates and cartons and boxes.

When relocating to Spain there is obviously lots to think about. Some of the practical issues need dealing with before you leave such as pet couriers, car transportation in case you don’t want to drive all the way yourself, and maybe even start to learn Spanish before you make the big move! This is certainly recommendable, as even a little can go a long way.