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Pet insurance in Spain, how to cover your cat or dog in Spain.

Insurance Companies and Brokers in Spain

Insurance for your pet in Spain, cats and dogs covered ProtectaPet

Spain´s leading Pet Insurance Specialist. Providing low cost, comprehensive cover for all breeds of cats and dogs. Protection for your pet, wherever you are..

Elite Insurance Brokers in Fuengirola, Spain Elite Insurance Brokers
We insure your cat or dog with our pet insurance. Go to our website to get more details.
Our bilingual staff will explain everything you need to know concerning your pet insurance.


Insuring your pet in Spain has been notoriously difficult. At first only an accident insurance covering the claims if your dog caused an accident or bit someone was available, but it now seems the type of insurance a lot of expats are used to from our own countries are also available here in Spain.

As with most pet insurances there are some conditions:

For dog insurance in Spain, you are unlike to get cover if your dog is the type of dog that should be registered on the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 or types known as Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino, Sharpei, Fila Brazileiro, Wolves of Wolf hybrids will not be accepted for cover.
Also if you dog is used as a guard dog or for racing, no matter the breed, you might be exempt.

Another thing that many pet owners coming to Spain might not be aware of is the fact that your pet will not be covered for Leishmaniasis, also known as sand fly disease. Pets suffering from this can live quite long, but only if they are being treated with various medications.

Also to avoid be exempt for cover, you must also arrange for your pet to be vaccinated against the following and to keep up the vaccinations.
Dogs: Distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvovirus and rabies.
Cats: Feline infectious enteritis, feline leukaemia, cat flu and rabies.

Most animal insurances cover more or less the following:

Veterinarian’s fees
Boarding kennel and cattery fees
Reimbursement of Advertising Costs if your pet gets lost/stolen
Loss of Pet Passport & Health Certificate
Death from Accident