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Life Insurance

International Insurance Specialists.
If you own or are purchasing a property in Spain, we can offer specialist property insurance for buildings and contents cover for your holiday home / let property.


Insurance Companies and Brokers in Spain

A contract of life insurance (seguro de vida) provides that, in consideration of the premium to be paid, the insurer promises to pay the beneficiary an agreed sum upon the death of the person whose life is to be insured.

The person whose life is insured is generally called the "insured". The person named in the policy to benefit from the death of that person is called the "beneficiary". Where the policy contains the identity of the beneficiaries, they will not have to wait for the estate partition to be made in order to perceive the indemnity.

The insurance company normally requires a medical exam from people who are applying for life insurance.

The company may specifically exclude certain coverage, such as the coverage of death by suicide.




Article by iAbogado Servicios Jurídicos SL (Madrid, Spain). Visit for more original content like this. Reprint permission granted with this footer included.